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03/04/2022 – 4 criminals disguised as police officers entered in the house of Ilda Zarzur, who is the widow and heir of the engineer Waldomiro Zarzur, whose company build São Paulo’s tallest building. The crime happened in Jardim América St., in São Paulo’s South Zone, in the morning. They entered the house as one employee was leaving it, then tied up 5 employees and stole jewelry and cash from 3 vaults. The victim’s house stays in a dead-end street, with security guard and manual vehicle barrier. The house, however, had no external walls.

Our analysis:

One of the key steps in a risk assessment is to define the threats that a particular target may have. This is how you determine the relevance of certain vulnerabilities and how important protective measures are. Of course, this definition of threats takes into account the probability of occurrence, given the criminal history of the location, and its impact, should it happen. Laymen often treat this lightly and do not correctly differentiate the level of sophistication of criminals, thus protecting themselves only from the most basic criminals, which their protection systems and police forces can handle.
However, in the face of criminals with more planning, preparation, and inside information, this kind of baseline security is not enough. A Risk Assessment with trained professionals allows the development of an integrated security project and is able to prevent this type of crime.

04/04/2022 – Two criminals tried to rob the employee of a home appliance store in Vila Maria, in São Paulo’s North Zone, at 16h30, but the victim had no money and was shot. The victim’s sister was in a house nearby and tried to attack the robbers, but was shot too.

14/04/2022 – The police arrested, in Barra Funda Bus Terminal, in São Paulo’s West Zone, a couple of criminals that committed the “Boa Noite, Cinderela” crime, in which criminals drug their victims and the rob or rape them.

16/04/2022 – Two criminals on a motorcycle robbed a group of 4 pedestrians on São José de Mossamedes St., in Lajeado, in São Paulo’s East Zone. Moments later, the police found the robbers, and a shootout happened. One criminal was shot and the other escaped.

16/04/2022 – A police chase took place in Tatuapé, in São Paulo’s East Zone, during the afternoon. The pursuit started after 3 suspects in a motorcycle refused to stop for a police patrol. Nevertheless, one motorcycle crashed on the corner of Monte Serrat and Tijuco Preto streets. One criminal was arrested with a pistol. The motorcycle had a fake license plate.

17/04/2022 – A security guard was shot dead during an alleged robbery attempt to a pizzeria in Grajaú, in São Paulo’s South Zone, at 00h30.

18/04/2022 – A criminal, disguising himself as a Spanish-speaking customer, stole the cell phone of a salesclerk in Moema, in São Paulo’s South Zone. The man has been filmed performing the same crime in other stores.

18/04/2022 – Four criminals tried to rob a woman near Alberto Lion Sq., in Cambuci, in São Paulo’s Central Zone, but she escaped and was followed by them. They robbed her on Doutor Ricardo Jafet Ave. 60 cell phones were stolen. She had bought the devices in Brás, also in the Central Zone, a few moments earlier.

19/04/2022 – The Civil Police conducted an operation against a criminal group that committed electronic scams. 42 search and seizure warrants were dispatched in Morumbi and Brooklin, in São Paulo’s South Zone, and in the capital’s Metropolitan Region and state’s countryside. The group may have caused losses of up to R$ 6 million.

19/04/2022 – The police conducted an operation in a favela in São Paulo’s West Zone to serve 5 arrest warrants against criminals that committed robberies to luxury residences. 3 were arrested.

20/04/2022 – Two criminals on a motorcycle tried to rob an elderly couple on Tajurás Ave., in Cidade Jardim, in São Paulo’s South Zone, at 05h00, but an off-duty police officer nearby shot against the criminals. The criminals robbed another motorcyclist and escaped.

20/04/2022 – The Civil Police conducted an operation to serve 7 arrest warrants to suspects of murders, rapes and robberies in São Paulo’s North Zone, in Brasilândia, and in the Metropolitan Region.

22/04/2022 – A shootout between police officers and two criminals took place in Paraisópolis, in São Paulo’s South Zone. One criminal was shot.

21/04/2022 – Criminals burgled São Paulo’s Leisure and Sports Secretariat (SEME) in Moema, in São Paulo’s South Zone. 70 computers were stolen.

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