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01/12/2023 – A Hong Kong citizen has been arrested by the Federal Police, with 15kg of cocaine, in SP International Airport, on a flight to Paris. The Federal Police suspected the man during the interview. They then asked for a further control of his luggage, where they found the drugs hidden in toothpaste, hair products and candles. In 2023, until October, the police has found 2,5 tons of drugs in the airport.

02/12/2023 – 17yo teenager has been arrested in Vila Prudente, east SP, driving a stolen luxury car. The pursuit began in São Caetano do Sul, but the young man told the police he stole the car in São Bernardo dos Campos. The chase began when a police patrol noticed the car was stolen. The young criminal and his colleague have stolen some jewels and cell phones from a couple.

03/12/2023 – A 27yo woman has been arrested for having kidnapped her neighbour´s baby, in Brás, SP Central area. The case began on the day before, when her neighbour let her baby to the suspect just the time to make her groceries. At her return home, the woman and the baby disappeared. The police found them the day after, upon denouncement. The baby has not been mistreated, and the police found the suspect is a fugitive. She has been placed in custody.

03/12/2023 – A Police officer killed his wife with 2 shots in the middle of the street after a discussion, in Perus, North SP. The whole scene has been recorder by a security camera. The couple had a dispute and the husband started to strongly punch his wife and then he grabbed his gun and shot 3 times at her. 2 of them have killed her on the spot. As the neighbourhood started to join the crime scene, the man took his dead wife and brought her to the ER. He has been placed in custody to wait for his trial.

03/12/2023 – A police officer has been arrested cheating in a written examination for Forensics, in Liberdade, Centre SP. The controllers of the exam suspected the man as they heard some radio noise around his table. When they passed the metal detector, they found a receptor and a micro camera hidden in his wearing. The man has been placed in custody for criminal associations and fraud.

03/12/2023 – 75yo famous bar of República, in the Historical Centre of SP, has been vandalised. The violence began after criminals tried to rob a client´s cell phone, and the victim reacted. The bandits did not accept to have their crime frustrated and decided to come back with backup. They then started to throw stones on the bar. The employees of the bar confronted the criminals. After verification of the police, it has been explicated that the riot was in fact a rescue operation as the thief had been detained by the clients of the bar.

04/12/2023 – Famous fast-food unit has been vandalized by “motoboys”, in República, Centre SP. According to the police, the violences began with a discussion between delivery application motoboys and employees of the restaurant. Then, others motoboys joined the first group and started to throw stones and wooden bars inside the fast-food. 2 police officers were present on the spot but as they were under numbered, they ask for backup and protected the clients of the hotel aside. The delinquents ran away when a police patrol car arrived on the scene. Nobody has been arrested.

05/12/2023 – An robbery in Itaim Bibi, South SP, went wrong for the bandits as an off-duty State congressman´s security officer reacted to protect the victim. The action occurred at a red signal as 3 outlaws tried to carjack the victim. The security officer was in his car just behind. He then got off his car and start shooting over the bandits. One fell down wounded and the 2 others ran away. The injured criminal has been rescued and placed in custody yet at the hospital.

06/12/2023 – A lawyer from RS visiting SP has been assaulted at a red signal in Consolação, Centre SP. The assailant was on a motorcycle with hidden plates and used the red signal to rob a luxury brand watch from his victim. The bandit escaped by running on the sidewalk. The victim did not want to deposit a complain at the police.

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