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14/08/2022 – Civil Police is investigating an attempted robbery that took place on Adolfo Lutz Street, in Ponta da Praia. A 58-year-old woman was parking the car in front of her house, when she was approached by criminals. One of them pulled her purse through the car window, but the woman reacted by holding her belongings. With the victim’s resistance, the thief hit her head with the gun’s butt, which caused the gun to accidentally fire, hitting the roof of the vehicle.

15/08/2022 – Civil Police arrested a man identified as a member of a criminal organization that controls drug sales points in Santos. It was an anonymous tip that led the Civil Police to the Caminho São Sebastião, where the criminal was hiding along with a large number of drugs and weapons. After surrendering the man, the guards entered a shack where they seized marijuana, skank, hashish, notebooks with the names of people involved in organized crime and ammunition.

16/08/2022 – The Federal Revenue Service and the Federal Police seized 1,429 kg of cocaine in the Port of Santos. The drug was found in two shipments, which were destined for the port of Vado Ligure, in Italy, and Hamburg, in Germany. Nobody was arrested.

17/08/2022 – A couple of criminals stole the jewelry from a woman who was walking with a baby stroller, on Ivampa Lisboa Street, in the Boqueirão neighborhood. The duo arrives, each on a bicycle. With nowhere to go, the girl takes a ring off her finger and gives it to one of them – who puts it in his mouth. Then the other pulls the chain that was around the victim’s neck. Then they both flee, each in a different direction.

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