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09/09/2023 – Police officers from UPP Pavão Pavãozinho/Cantagalo arrested two men and a woman, at the exit of the Sá Freire Alvim Tunnel, in Copacabana, South Zone with a pistol, seven grenades and ammunition. The police were informed that a baile funk had taken place in the community of Pavão Pavãozinho, and that some attendees were leaving the area armed.

09/09/2023 – Municipal Guard agents recovered a backpack containing a cell phone, credit cards and a shirt belonging to a civil police officer from Brasília. The 66-year-old man was on Copacabana beach, South Zone. He was approached by a man who fled with his cell phone and backpack. The criminal was found trying to escape on a bicycle.

10/09/2023 – A motorcyclist was shot dead, and his wife was shot in an attempted robbery on Linha Vermelha, near Tom Jobim Airport, North Zone. According to the Fire Department, soldiers were called at 7:44 pm and found the 24-year-old man dead at the scene. The police are investigating the case.

10/09/2023 – Military police officers found the body of a young woman, aged 24, inside a dumpster on Rua Conselheiro Galvão, in Madureira, North Zone. At the scene, the police found a mutilated body wrapped in a blanket. According to information, she had been missing since Sunday (03/09). The police are investigating whether the crime has links to drug trafficking.

10/09/2023 – A group of militiamen fired more than 30 shots at a water and gas warehouse in Campo Grande, West Zone. Images from the store’s security cameras filmed the criminals’ actions. In the video, it is possible to see that the street is busy, around 20:40, when the militiamen’s car arrives at the scene. The vehicle stops in front of the warehouse and three men get out and start shooting. According to the business owner, criminals started making threats after he refused to increase the price of the gas cylinder.

12/09/2023 – A Military Police captain had his weapon stolen after suffering an attempted robbery on Rua São Salvador, in Laranjeiras, South Zone. The police officer was getting into his car shortly before 6:00, when a man on a motorcycle announced the robbery. The police officer reacted. The bandit shot but didn’t hit the officer. The vehicle was not stolen, but the robber managed to escape with the weapon.

13/09/2023 – The Police Station for the Repression of Organized Criminal Actions and Special Inquiries (Draco-IE) began an operation to combat extortion carried out by Rio City Hall agents against owners of schools on Barra da Tijuca beach. According to investigations, the crimes were committed against those responsible for teaching classes in various sports such as beach tennis and beach volley. The criminals demanded around 10% of the monthly fees of all students so that the activities could be authorized. According to the Civil Police, he even requested accountability with the student attendance list.

13/09/2023 – At least five armed men invaded an Itaú bank branch on Rua de Santana, in downtown Rio. According to witnesses, at least one woman was taken hostage, but was released after negotiations between the Military Police and the criminals. Shots were heard inside the agency. All criminals were arrested.

13/09/2023 – A confrontation between rival drug dealers in the Rocha Miranda region, North Zone, left one person dead and five others injured. Two dogs were also shot. The dead man is known as Thierry and is believed to be linked to drug trafficking. The shooting reportedly began after drug dealers from Favela Para Pedro invaded Morro Jorge Turco, controlled by a rival faction.

13/09/2023 – A 77-year-old woman was shot after mistakenly entering Estrada da Chácara, in Praça Seca, West Zone — an area disputed by drug traffickers and militiamen. The victim did not roll down the car windows and the community’s criminals shot at the vehicle. After shooting the driver, criminals realized that she was not a police officer or rival bandits, apologized to the victim, and ordered her to be helped.

14/09/2023 – A businessman was shot dead early in the morning on Avenida da Areia Branca, in Santa Cruz, West Zone. He was in his own bar when a man got off a motorcycle and fired several shots. A security camera shows the moment when a man gets off a motorcycle, goes towards Hudson and fires several shots at close range. According to reports from residents, he would not have accepted paying fees charged by militiamen to keep the bar open.

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