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Cell phone theft was, between January and July of this year, the crime that had the highest growth in the state of Rio, compared to the same period of last year. The increase in the index, according to data from the Public Security Institute (ISP), was 133%. In 2022, there were 16, 296 cases, or one every 20 minutes, up from 6,999 in the first seven months of last year. In absolute numbers, the Barra da Tijuca area has the highest number of occurrences in 2022: 1,433 cases between January and July, an increase of 155% compared to the same period in 2021.

25/08/2022 – The Federal Police (PF) and the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) started Operation Dynasty, to arrest militia leader Luís Antônio da Silva Braga, known as Zinho, and 22 of his associates. Eight people have already been arrested. One of them, Geovane da Silva Mota, the GG — one of the heads of the paramilitary group — was captured in a luxury hotel in the city of Gramado (RS). The MPRJ claims that the gang, the largest active in RJ, “fosters widespread slaughter” against rivals. The group is suspected of the death of another militiaman Jerônimo Guimarães, known as Jerominho.

26/08/2022 – A firefighter was killed in Irajá, North Zone. He was shot in the chest and right arm. Witnesses said that he was in a car, and he would have been the target of an attempted robbery but did not react. The criminals would have identified him as a soldier.

26/08/2022 – A money changer was arrested after applying scams and causing damage of approximately R$ 500,000 to the victims. According to the police, he owns an exchange house in a neighborhood in the South Zone and, to attract victims, he offered lower rates for transactions with foreign currencies. After the victim deposited the money, the money changer did not transfer the amounts to complete the purchase of the currency.

Our analysis:

Non-certified, obscure businesses found on the internet are not a secure way for this type of transaction. The ideal when buying and selling foreign currency is to look for duly authorized institutions, such as banks or exchange houses, especially those that you can easily find good references on review webpages, such as “Reclame Aqui”. When exchanging money, travel cards are excellent options. To obtain banknotes, it is important to look for reputable exchange houses inside malls and buildings with private security. Never exchange large amounts at once, prefer to separate the amount into several parts and complete the transaction at different moments. It is also a good strategy to exchange the entire amount at different places, so you reduce the chances of being target by criminals that may have a corrupt exchange house employee as an informant.

30/08/2022 – A man died after an attempted robbery in Engenho Novo, North Zone. The man was in his car when he was attacked by robbers. The police investigate the crime as murder following a robbery.

30/08/2022 – The Police Unit for Repression of Organized Criminal Actions arrested Leandro Xavier da Silva, 28, the militiaman known as Playboy da Curicica. With a strong presence in the West Zone of the city, he had already been monitored for some time. Playboy also has a strong bond with Luís Antônio da Silva Braga, aka Zinho – head of the largest militia in the state.

30/08/2022 – A prison officer was killed in Guaratiba, West Zone. According to investigations, he was in a mechanic shop on Estrada do Magarça when he was shot by two men on a motorcycle.

31/08/2022 – Criminals tried to rob a jewelry store inside Shopping Tijuca, in Tijuca, North Zone. During their escape, through Enaldo Cravo Peixoto Street, they exchange shots with a private security officer. A stray bullet hit an apartment window from a building nearby. So far, the police already know that two men were involved in the attempted robbery. Nobody was arrested and the guard was injured.

Our analysis:

The number of robberies in stores inside shopping centers has grown significantly in the country. Jewelry stores, electronics and operations that work with high value products are the most sought after by criminals. If you are surprised by any situation of this type, it is important to remain calm to act in order to minimize the risks. If possible try to protect yourself in a safe place. Never react, because the aggressor will certainly be accompanied, and the situation can quickly get complicated and always follow the orders of criminals.

01/09/2022 – Washington Reis (MDB), former mayor of Duque de Caxias and candidate for vice governor of RJ on the Cláudio Castro (PL) ticket, is one of the targets of Operation Anafora, launched by the Federal Police (PF) and the Union’s Comptroller General (CGU). The task force investigates an alleged favoritism in the hiring of a work cooperative by the Caxias Health Department. The contract and amendments exceeded R$ 563.5 million in just over two years. According to the investigation, Reis is identified as responsible for ensuring the operation of the criminal organization in Duque de Caxias.

01/09/2022 – A shooting on Avenida Brasil, near Manguinhos, North Zone ended with a military police officer injured. The military policeman was off duty when he noticed criminals in an attempted robbery. The criminals reacted and fired more than 30 shots at the military policeman’s car. Two passengers on a bus were also injured.

02/09/2022 – Criminals blew up two banks branches in Taquara, West Zone, and had a shooting with police. Neighbors counted at least three explosions. The attack was on a Caixa Econômica Federal branch and a Santander branch on Estrada do Tindiba. Before, the gang crossed a tanker truck on the road. Police officers from the Jacarepaguá Battalion who were patrolling the region caught the action, and there was an intense shooting.

02/09/2022 – Civil Police launched an operation to dismantle a militia that operates in the regions of Curicica and Terreirão, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone. In all, the agents serve ten arrest warrants and 39 search and seizure warrants. Four people were detained. Among the targets are a military police officer (already arrested) and a municipal guard from the City of Rio de Janeiro. The headquarters of the Municipal Guard, in São Cristóvão, is one of the places where warrants were served. 02/09/2022 – Military Police officers were attacked with shots while approaching a motorcycle with two men in Complexo do Alemão, North Zone. There was an intense shooting. The occurrence was in the locality known as Pedra do Sapo, in Vila Cruzeiro. According to the PM’s report, one of the men on the motorcycle managed to escape. The other was arrested.

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