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Operation Summer began on Thursday (07/09) in Rio de Janeiro. The Military Police will use drones in the patrolling that will be carried out together with the Municipal Guard on the beaches of the South and West Zones and Ilha do Governador, in the North Zone, in addition to the parks of Madureira and Deodoro. On behalf of the city hall, the Municipal Guard and the Municipal Secretariat for Public Order will try to reinforce planning actions, inspections of municipal postures and preventive patrols, in addition to providing more security to the population on the beaches. SEOP agents also inspect illegal street vendors and illegal parking.

01/09/2023 – One of the main offenders in Rio, known as Capitão Guimarães, was arrested during an operation against the “jogo do bicho” (a type of illegal gambling). In addition to him, 12 more people were arrested. Operation Mahyah aims to dismantle the criminal organization dedicated to the practice of homicides, passive corruption and illegal carrying of firearms, headed by Guimarães. About R$ 1 million in cash, in addition to firearms, were found.

01/09/2023 – A 66-year-old woman, who was indoors on Rua Espírito Santo, died after being hit by a stray bullet in Praça Seca, West Zone. She was watching television when a shooting broke out in the neighborhood. The command of the Battalion of Jacarepaguá said that there was no operation in place.

02/09/2023 – A 34-year-old woman, who was on Rua Andrade Araújo, in Oswaldo Cruz, North Zone, died after three armed men drove by in a car and shot in her direction. The three fled.

02/09/2023 – A fight between Flamengo and Botafogo fans took place in Penha, North Zone. The widespread confrontation began around 14:20. According to the police, the fight took place between two groups of organized fans, both having arranged to meet through the WhatsApp app.

02/09/2023 – Two women were shot in the community of Terreirão, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone. According to the Military Police, the victims were inside the community when a man passed by shooting.

02/09/2023 – A couple was robbed on Rua Honório de Barros in Flamengo, South Zone. The crime took place around 22:20 and lasted one minute. The couple was approached by a man who pointed a gun at both and demanded that they hand over their belongings. Then the criminal walked away quietly.

05/09/2023 – A young man was shot dead at one of the entrances to the Parque Dois Irmãos community, in Curicica, West Zone. The crime took place in Rua André Rocha. According to police, gunmen in a car drove by shooting at the victim. Still according to the police, the victim would be part of the region’s militia and would be charging merchants on the spot.

06/09/2023 – Police arrested a man identified by investigators as one of those responsible for the war for control of a region of Jacarepaguá, West Zone. According to the police, he is a drug dealer and has been identified as one of the perpetrators of the death of a 34-year-old man on Rua Araticum. According to the investigations, the victim did not allow the criminals to use the terrain as an escape route after shootings with militiamen. Rua Araticum was nicknamed ‘Fear Street’ due to the number of deaths that occurred there. The dispute between drug traffickers and militiamen continued for months in the region.

06/09/2023 – British Airways airline crew was robbed during the crew’s overnight stay in the city. The robbery caused the postponement of the flight to Heathrow Airport, England. The airline crew was on leave in the city when they were robbed. They were staying in Copacabana, South Zone, and took a taxi from the hotel to an unidentified destination. Halfway through the journey, they disagreed with the price charged by the driver. The crew then decided to get off in the middle of the trip to order a car from an app. The taxi driver left the foreigners in Penha, North Zone. Minutes after getting out of the taxi, they were robbed.

07/09/2023 – A three-year-old child was shot at the Arco Metropolitano, in Seropédica, Baixada Fluminense. The victim was in the car with her family when shots were fired at the vehicle. Relatives say the shot came from Federal Highway Police’s officers (PRF). The PRF reported that it is investigating the case.

07/09/2023 – A retired military police officer was shot in the head inside his vehicle in Guadalupe, North Zone. Police officers from the Irajá Battalion went to Rua Marcos de Macedo and found a vehicle after the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall. When they checked the car, they found the victim already dead. So far, there were 43 security agents killed in 2023.

07/09/2023 – A delivery man was shot in the head on Rua Getúlio, in the Todos os Santos neighborhood, North Zone. Two men assaulted the motorcyclist before shooting him in the back of the head at the gate of a property. The duo fled. According to the victim’s wife, he was hit by three shots.

07/09/2023 – An attempt to loot a supermarket on Avenida Brasil, close to the Manguinhos neighborhood, North Zone, ended with shooting and the road being blocked. According to the Military Police, the attempted looting was made by residents, and police teams were called to contain the situation. The police was attacked by criminals from Conjunto Boa Esperança, and traffic on Avenida Brasil was interrupted.

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