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Rio de Janeiro was the only state among those analyzed by the Network of Security Observatories that, in two years – from June 2020 to June 2022 -, did not see a drop in the number of police operations. Another conclusion of the analysis was that the number of operations grew 18% in the second quarter of this year, coinciding with the proximity of the elections. For the researchers, this data would indicate that “the number of police actions is sensitive to political contexts and electoral scenarios”. This increase took place despite the existence of a decision by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) determining that the actions be restricted to exceptional cases.

12/08/2022 – A man was arrested by the Federal Police in Santa Catarina on suspicion of carrying out a scam in Leblon, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The man is accused of fraud and has an extensive list of criminal records: 74 – several of the records were for the same crime. He owned a currency exchange company located on Ataulfo de Paiva Avenue. One of the customers had deposited the amount of R$50,000 in order to buy US$14,000 but did not receive the money.

13/08/2022 – A woman suffered an attempted rape in the Flamengo neighborhood, Zona Sul. The crime happened at night, on Marquês de Abrantes Street near the subway station in the region. The victim, who was walking a dog when she was approached, was saved by a store security guard who heard her screams for help. The criminal was arrested by a team from the Aterro Presente program on Tuesday (16/08).

Our analysis:

In Rio de Janeiro, women are seen as easier targets for any type of crime. In addition to suffering from harassment or attempted rapes. It is important to always be vigilant.

  • When walking alone on the street at night, go against the flow of cars. That way, you can better focus on vehicles ahead. If you walk downstream, a car may come from behind, open the door and take you more easily.
  • On the street, do not respond to requests to locate places or to light a cigarette, especially at night. This is a common excuse to approach and surrender the person. Don’t stop, just say you don’t know or don’t have it and leave as soon as possible.
  • When you feel persecuted or in a vulnerable situation, approach the first person you find, tell them what happened and ask for help. Or enter the first establishment open, call someone to pick you up, or leave at the best time. Avoid deserted streets and going out late at night.
  • Always be aware of the people around you. And if you see a suspicious man heading your way, look to see if he looks to the side or behind. Those who have bad intentions don’t want to have witnesses. Don’t hesitate, get out of the way, go back to where you came from or run.

14/08/2022 – Federal Police arrested a security guard at the Maracanã Stadium, North Zone, for theft. He was arrested when he arrived for work.

14/08/2022 – A military police officer was killed while on patrol in Irajá, North Zone. According to the Military Police, upon noticing the approach of the officers, criminals who were in a vehicle on Guiraréia Street fired shots at the agents and then fled. The PM was hit in the head.

15/08/2022 – Civil Police arrested for five crimes a couple suspected of mistreating two boys, a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old. According to information from police station, in February this year one of the boys was taken by his father to a health center in Jacarezinho, a favela in the North Zone, after feeling sick. The child was malnourished and with signs of abuse. The doctors called the Guardianship Council, which took the boys to the hospital. Where it was confirmed that the children were malnourished and with several marks on their bodies, indicating mistreatment and torture. According to police, the children were locked in a small room all day and did not attend school.

16/08/2022 – The mother and stepmother were arrested for ill-treatment after the death of a 1-year-old baby. The stepmother, responsible for taking care of the child, claimed that the cause of death was a fall from the sofa. This version was contested by the doctors who cared for the child at the ER. According to the delegate, the expert report points out that there were several injuries on the girl’s body, not only from that day, but from previous days. In addition, the marks were not consistent with the presented version of a sofa fall.

17/08/2022 – A shooting between the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and criminals blocked the Washington Luís Highway (BR-040) near Duque de Caxias – Rio de Janeiro’s metropolitan region – in the early morning. Three bandits died. According to the PRF, the criminals did not obey a stop order.

17/08/2022 – Two employees of the Federal Revenue were arrested in Operation Artemis. According to the investigations, they had access to repression operations in the Port of Itaguaí and shared this privileged information with militiamen, drug dealers and smugglers. Investigators suspect that they received R$200,000 to act in favor of these gangs. Itaguaí is a city in the metropolitan region of Rio, bordering the west zone of the city, an area dominated by the militia.

18/08/2022 – A criminal was shot after a chase by military police, in the early hours, on the Linha Vermelha, close to Caju neighborhood, North Zone. Due to the action, the Marcello Alencar Tunnel, towards Aterro do Flamengo, was closed for about an hour. According to the Military Police, police officers from the Special Roads Police Battalion (BPVE) surrounded the Linha Vermelha and there was a shooting with criminals.

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