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01/10/2023 – A shooting between drug dealers from rival factions and a curfew scared resident of the Az de Ouro community, in Anchieta, North Zone. The conflict began on Saturday afternoon (30). Images from security cameras recorded a group of armed criminals dressed in black entering the community. According to reports, drug traffickers from the Red Command were trying to regain control of Az de Ouro, recently dominated by rivals from the Third Pure Command.

01/10/2023 – The Civil Police are investigating the actions of criminals who kidnapped state deputy Lucinha (PSD), at a farm in the West Zone of Rio. The criminals were fleeing from the Viegas community, in Senador Camará, and even took the parliamentarian to a car from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) to the Vila Kennedy community. Lucinha returned home and is doing well. The vehicle was recovered.

02/10/2023 – The Special Operations Battalion (Bope) of the Military Police carried out an operation in Vila Kennedy, West Zone, in order to find the armed criminals who, on Sunday (01), took state deputy Lucinha (PSD-RJ) to the community inside an official car of the Legislative Assembly of RJ (Alerj). Residents reported an intense shooting.

02/10/2023 – A grenade was found at Costa Barros train station, North Zone. The Belford Roxo branch became irregular, and four stations were closed. According to Supervia, at around 11:30, the explosive was found on the railway line by agents from the concessionaire. The Bomb Squad was called.

03/10/2023 – A 37-year-old woman was arrested after stealing five gold rings from a tourist in Copacabana, South Zone. The criminal was detained by municipal guards on Rua Paula Freitas. According to agents, the woman used a replica firearm to threaten the victim.

03/10/2023 – Agents from the Special Operations Battalion (Bope) and the Special Resources Coordination (Core) carried out an operation in Complexos de São Carlos and Morro da Coroa, in downtown Rio, to arrest criminals who fled Complexo da Maré, Zona North. Two criminals died in the action. According to the police, they had pistols and a radio transmitter. A .30 machine gun was seized, in addition to two pistols, radio communicators, drugs, chargers and ammunition.

03/10/2023 – A security guard at a candy store on Rua Barão de Mesquita, in Tijuca, North Zone was shot while trying to save a woman from a robbery. The man, 53 years old, saw 3 criminals on 2 motorcycles approach a woman, and reacted by shooting. The criminals fought back. In the shooting, one of the criminals and the security guard ended up shot. The other two managed to escape.

04/10/2023 – A martial arts fighter was arrested in Leblon, South Zone, accused of extorting money from an elderly man with whom he had a relationship for four years. The victim went to the police after being threatened with death by the criminal who demanded R$500,000. Witnesses also claim that the elderly man suffered physical aggressions.

05/10/2023 – State deputy Guilherme Delaroli was with his daughters and a security guard at a club in Itaboraí, Rio’s Metropolitan Region, when armed men invaded the place. The deputy drew his gun and there was a shooting. The parliamentarian and his daughters were not hit. The criminals managed to escape.

05/10/2023 – Four doctors were shot at a kiosk in Praia da Barra da Tijuca, West Zone. Three died and one is hospitalized. The Rio Civil Police believe in execution, as nothing was taken, and the criminals arrived shooting. There were at least 20 shots. The victims were in the city for an international orthopedics conference. And one of them was the brother of federal deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP).

06/10/2023 – The Civil Police found the bodies of drug traffickers suspected of murdering three doctors in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone. The bodies were inside two cars, located at night in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone. In total, four bodies were found: three were inside a car on Rua Abrahão Jabour and another in the second vehicle, on Avenida Tenente-Coronel Muniz de Aragão.

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