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04/09/2023 – A Military Police operation on Rua Orlando Tardelli, in the Bela Vista neighborhood resulted in the apprehension of a large amount of drugs. Portions of marijuana, crack and cocaine were seized at the scene. The action occurred after receiving information that people linked to drug trafficking had hidden the material in a wooded area.

13/09/2023 – An operation between the Military Police and the Municipal Guard of Macaé led to the arrest of an individual with an open arrest warrant in the vicinity of the Horto neighborhood. The operation, conducted by the Municipal Guard (GAOp) in partnership with military police officers from the State Security Integration Program (Proeis).

18/09/2023 – A man was found dead with several gunshot wounds on Estrada da Ingazeira, in the Cabiúnas neighborhood. The victim was identified as Ederson Gabriel da Silva Soares, aged 22. So far, there is no information about the authorship and motivation of the crime.

19/09/2023 – A man was shot dead on W18 Street in the Lagomar neighborhood. The victim was identified as Ramon de Barcelos Souza, aged 24. The Civil Police investigates the case. So far, there is no information about the authorship and motivation of the crime.

26/09/2023 – Civil police officers arrested a 26-year-old criminal for stealing a cell phone in the Imbetiba neighborhood. There was also an arrest warrant against him in the Rio de Janeiro court. The investigation team also identified that the criminal carried out other robberies in the Centro and Imbetiba neighborhoods.

26/09/2023 – Agents from the Present Security Program arrested an individual involved in drug trafficking in the Bela Vista neighborhood. The arrest took place when the criminal tried to hide drugs in a plastic bag. He already has a criminal history, including records for robbery, theft, and property damage.

28/09/2023 – A man was shot dead on Rua W1, in the Lagomar neighborhood. The victim, aged 24, was found dead. The Military Police were called and isolated the area for forensic work. The motivation and authorship of the crime is unknown.


  • After dark, avoid Glória and the Centro (Downtown).
  • After dark, avoid walking alone in Praia Campista and Cavaleiros.
  • Avoid Lagomar, Barra de Macaé, Engenho da Praia, Planalto da Ajuda, Ajuda de Cima, Ajuda de Baixo, Morro de Santana and Morro de São Jorge (in Paraíso), Fronteira, Jardim Maringá, Barra, Nova Holanda, Malvinas, Botafogo, Aroeira, Parque Aeroporto and the surroundings of Favela da Linha (in between Visconde de Araújo and Cajueiros), as risks of collateral damage and assault are high in these areas.
  • As much as possible, restrict movement in the districts of Novo Horizonte (in Vale Encantado) and Parque Aeroporto. Do not walk alone in these areas and use only licensed taxis.
  • Be careful when walking downtown, avoid exposing valuables.
  • Be always cautious, including in areas perceived as safe.
  • Avoid any display of wealth (jewelry, cell phones), but always carry a small amount of money (R$50) to hand.
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