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11/08/2022 – A couple was found stabbed to death on Coronel Cizenando Street, in Visconde neighborhood. According to the Military Police, officers were called to the scene to verify the occurrence of a corpse and located the man and woman with several knife wounds, including in the neck, in a vacant lot. So far, there is no information on the reason behind the crime and the suspect is still at large.

11/08/2022 – A man was arrested after robbing a woman and a farm in the Parque Aeroporto neighborhood. The criminal was captured in Ajuda de Baixo. According to the Military Police, the agents received information about the crimes committed by two men on a motorcycle and that the accused had fled. In diligence, the criminals were located. After a brief shooting, one of those involved was eventually captured.

13/08/2022 – A man was arrested for drug trafficking in the Malvinas community. According to the Military Police, officers were patrolling the region when they had their attention turned to several men on the run. One of them fled towards a mangrove area and was eventually captured in a tactical siege. With the criminal, the PM seized a large amount of drugs and a radio transmitter.

15/08/2022 – An attempted attack on a community belonging to a rival faction ended with five people shot and one arrested in Lagomar. According to the Military Police (PM), officers received complaints that criminals of the ADA faction were going to invade the community, dominated by the Comando Vermelho. PM then mounted a tactical siege. The group’s vehicles were intercepted, and the criminals shot at the police, initiating an intense shooting. Three rifles, a pistol and two stolen vehicles were seized.

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