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During the past week, data was not updated by the Health Secretaries National Council (Conass) and the Health Ministry about Covid cases and deaths in Brazil. The latest information available showed that during the 204th (26 November to 2 December) epidemiological week, the number of new Covid-19 confirmed cases in Brazil decreased 4,77%, when compared to the 203rd (19 to 25 November) week. In terms of deaths of patients with Covid-19, cases decreased by 27,3%.

According to the latest information released by the Brazilian Health Ministry webpage, on Tuesday (11/12) at 06:01, 167.8 million second doses, and 5.054 million single doses have been given. The results represent that a total of 85.16% people were fully vaccinated. Brazil has approximately 203 million citizens, according to IBGE. Worldwide, data from 12 November indicates that 64.91% (5.18 billion) of people are fully vaccinated. Below, the graph with Brazil and other nations.

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