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In December, waves of people go shopping more due to Christmas in Brazil. In the same period, workers receive extra payments from their employers. These factors generate a superior flux of money on the streets and criminals know that. For robbers and thieves, the period is a moment of opportunities to profit. Therefore, experts warn of security issues that may arouse in this time of the year.

With that extra money in circulation, in 2022, the Retail Trade Union (Sindivarejista) estimates an increase of up to 18% in sales. Thus, robbers keep an eye on the intense movement of stores, bank branches or malls to catch their victims. The famous “saidinha de banco”, also known as robbery after money withdrawal, becomes a growing concern. Express kidnappings perpetrated to force victims to withdraw money from their bank accounts through an ATM is also an issue.

People must also expect the variations of these crimes, like the express kidnapping that now focus on forcing victims to make PIX transactions using the bank applications on their cell phones.

Of course, the online environment also presents a series of threats. Virtual scammers send e-mails with fake promotions to attack people with trojans and steal personal data. They can also create fake online stores to steal credit card information and much more.

Besides the risks above, the most common problems expected are that of robberies and thefts on the streets, targeting pedestrians or drivers. End-of-year shopping is bigger than at any other time. In this period, the scenario becomes favourable for criminals to achieve their objectives, since there are more opportunities, and the rewards are higher. Furthermore, the bustle of entering and leaving stores facilitates their actions. In an intense crowd of people, the possibility of small thefts of wallets or cell phones increases. There are also chances of armed robberies in stores.

Considering this scenario, we urge your Company members and employees to:

  • Avoid withdrawing money and, if necessary, do so preferably from agencies inside malls
  • Never withdraw large amounts of money. However, If there is no alternative, withdraw the amount in many instalments, from different ATMs
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure of valuables/expensive items, including walk and talk on the phone
  • Try to circulate in a group, preferably with local friends. At night, avoid walking alone
  • Avoid all public transportation at night, including the metro. Consider calling a taxi from a cooperative or from your hotel, especially when traveling to less secure or unfamiliar locations
  • Prefer to divide your money into two separate pockets, including a hidden one if possible, or use an anti-theft money belt
  • Prefer to pay with your card. The payment must be done in front of you and the values must always be checked
  • Move with your wallets and valuables in the front pockets. Also, have purses and bags in front of your body
  • When inside a restaurant, never let purses or bags on the back part of a chair or out of your view
  • When approached by a criminal, keep calm and do not make sudden moves. Give him your valuables and let him go
  • When going to a shopping mall, park your car near the shopping entrance, in well-lit and busy areas. Also, check for anything suspicious in the vicinities when returning to your car. Never leave your belongings exposed inside the vehicle
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